Friday, November 14, 2008

What's In a Name

On occasion, I am asked how I came up with the catchy name for my shop. When I started my shop, it began as a de-stash shop for my jewelry supplies. At the time, most of the beads I had for sale were made of glass, so that is where it started. I knew I wanted glass somewhere in the name. I gathered up all the items I was going to place for sale, and when looking upon the collection, I was reminded of a flower garden with all the colors in front of me. That's when the name hit me, and Garden of Glass was born!

Besides my large collection of glass beads, I have a great many other items for sale including clay, plastic, wood, shell, stone, and even some vintage beads as well as a small amount of findings.

What started out as a tiny little de-stash shop has become a full blown supply shop. I am having so much fun searching out new items to sell here! Be sure and have a visit!

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Chrisy said...

...saw you on the etsy of luck with this blog...the beads sound exciting...i'll go and check out your store now...